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Fall Elk Viewing Tours

Aug 19 to Oct 28 at Breaks Interstate Park

To Book, Please call (276) 865-4413

Adults $35 - Children (Ages 12 and under) $20


  • Join our experienced guides for a 3 hour trip into the heart of Virginia’s elk restoration zone.
    -spring tours take place during a time where the cows are ready to give birth, and the bulls are shedding there racks, grouping back up fore the summer months.

  • Fall trips take place during a time when Virginia's elk herd is in rut, and guests often witness large groups of elk, the majestic bugling of the Bull elk, and even fights to establish dominance.

  • In addition, guests attending later tours will witness the full splendor of the Fall season in Central Appalachia.

  • With a 100% success rate on viewing elk and many other species of animals, including whitetail deer, wild turkey, and the occasional black bear, our elk tours are sure to please.

  • Tours include a picnic meal and bottled water from the Rhododendron Restaurant.

  • Guests are encouraged to wear long pants, season appropriate clothing in earth colors, and bring their own cameras/binoculars.

  • They are also encouraged to refrain from wearing heavily scented perfumes or body sprays as elk have a very developed sense of smell and may run from strong scents.

  • FOR GUESTS REQUIRING HANDICAPPED ACCOMODATIONS. Handicapped persons unable to ride the tour bus will be allowed to follow the tour bus in their personal vehicle on the elk tour. Your vehicle should have good ground clearance and be able to navigate gravel and dirt roads. Vehicles with low ground clearance could experience scraping and dragging along the unimproved road at the viewing site. The Breaks Interstate Park is not responsible for any damage to personal vehicles while in the restoration zone.

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Whitewater releases from John Flannagan Dam transform the Breaks Gorge section of the Russell Fork into Class V+ whitewater on weekends in October.
Suitable for highly experienced whitewater kayakers only.

Friday, October 6, 10:00 AM - Saturday, October 28, 5:30 PM

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2023 Halloween Spooktacular

Located in Breaks Interstate Park

Friday, October 20, 4:00 PM 
Saturday, October 21, 7:00 PM

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