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No ATV? No problem, we have you covered! 

If you're staying with us and want to experience Spearhead's "Ridgeview" Trail, but don't have an ATV or UTV, We've got you covered! Hot Rod Rentals will deliver your ATV or UTV Rental right to our motel (additional delivery fee's may apply). They offer Polaris Ranger 570 and Kawasaki Teryx 800 rentals so you can get up close and personal with Southwest Virginia's hills and valleys! Located only 20 minutes away from Gateway to the Breaks Motel, delivery can be quick! Spearhead’s Ridgeview and Coal Canyon trails boast 200 miles and over 5,600 acres with a balanced number of trails, ranging from beginner to expert. What are you waiting for?

**All Spearhead Trail Systems require a day pass which can be purchased at time of rental. Spearhead is multi-use, meaning they are open to mountain bikers and hikers as well.

Polaris Ranger 570 - 3 seater
$200 for 4 hours
$350 for 8 hours


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Kawasaki Teryx 800 LE - 4 seater
$250- 4 hours
$450- 8 hours

For more information or to reserve your rental,

Contact HotRod Rentals LLC. 


Call: (276) 245-5060.

The Ridgeview Trail had 60 miles to explore at when it opened on April 8, 2017 and now has 78 miles over 2,650 acres with a balanced number of beginners, intermediate, and expert opportunities. Haysi always welcomes guests and riders to an ATV friendly town. The Town of Haysi does allow riders to travel by ATV through town limits for shopping, fuel and restaurants to re-energize for the to explore the mountains with abundant wildlife and a diverse riding experience with beautiful scenic overlooks, ridge runs and shaded deep woods.

Ridgeview connects to our Coal Canyon Trail giving riders about 200 miles of trail connecting the ATV friendly towns of Haysi & Grundy and a trail that leads you into the awe inspiring beautiful Breaks Interstate Park. Breaks Interstate Park provides additional adventures that range from swimming, camping, hiking, zip lines, rafting and horseback riding. This makes Ridgeview trail the perfect family adventure.

ATV Rental Delivery is only about 20 Minutes away!

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