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From Gateway to the Breaks Motel, head west on 80 towards Elkhorn City. With Corkscrew-like curves that take you to stunning overlooks of the Russell Fork River and Breaks Interstate Park. The Guest River Gorge offers hiking along the Guest River, through cliffs of stone carved by the river, with ample wildlife. Enjoy a visit to MountainRose Vineyard outside of Wise.


Approximately 123 miles

1. Start at Gateway to the Breaks Motel

2. Take 80 to Elkhorn City

3. L on 197 Elkhorn Creek Rd

4. L on 805 to Jenkins

5. L on 23 to Pound

6. 23 S to Wise

7. R on 646 to UVA Wise

8. R on 706 Tacoma Mountain

9. L on Alt 58 to Coeburn

10. L Exit 1 Front Street

11. L on 72

12. L on 646

13. R on 644 MountainRose

Vineyard on the left

14. R on 640

15. L on 645

16. Stay L 636 Birchfield Rd

17. R on us.3

18. R on 23N toward KY

19. R on 630 stay right

20. L on 631

21. L on 611

22. L on 80 toward Breaks

Interstate Park

23. End at Gateway to the Breaks Motel

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Welcome to Beautiful Southwest Virginia!

It would be a challenge for motorcycle riders to find more beautiful driving than the scenic back roads of Southwest Virginia. Riding through the Appalachian Mountain range, The Southwest Virginia back roads is becoming one of the most popular destinations in the South for motorcycle enthusiasts. Kentucky Route 80 runs alongside the Russell Fork from Millard to just shy of the Virginia state line. There it turns northeasterly along the west bank of Grassy Creek, which lies inside Virginia and forms the line between Buchanan and Dickenson Counties, in order to avoid the deep gorge through Breaks Interstate Park. Route 80 soon crosses into Virginia, and continues to parallel Grassy Creek until the split with Hunts Creek, where it (and the county line) turns southeast to follow that creek. About halfway to the community of Breaks, SR 80 crosses the creek and county line. SR 80 passes the community of Breaks, leaving Hunts Creek there and running past the Gateway to the Breaks Motel and the entrance to Breaks Interstate Park. It runs south through Camp Branch Gap, and then continues in a general southerly direction alongside small creeks and over two summits to State Route 83 east of Haysi. Zooming through Southwest Virginia on two wheels is a trip to remember. Full of twisties, switchbacks, elevation changes and usually, very little traffic. The two-lane ribbon roads snake along rivers and mountains as they reveals views of unmatched beauty on every side (if you can take your eyes off the road long enough to look around).

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